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I am jason(max potential)weston, Born in south jamaica queens,New York in sept. 1979. A music lover at an eairly age I use to listen to jazz music with my grandfather all day. Between the trips to OTB and the liquor store we when to a lot of parties. Always the youngest in the room all i could do was jam to the music. I wanted to be a sax player but my family could not afford to buy me any instruments. I took music class in junior high but oddly never got to play all I got was the mouthpeice. The music teacher got beat up and quit. By the age of twelve i wander to be an mc and started writing lyrics,boy the good old days. Me and my boys were all broke but found an inventive way to record. We used a kareokee machine and some industry instumentals and strated making music. Whitch remarkably sounded lie we recored at the studio. By the time i hit high  school me and my boys doc intell and dre produk then philosophy were calling are selves the creame fiendz. We used to battle other mc's all day and play spades enstead of going to class. By then we graguated from the kareokee to a real studio. Our first mix tape drew a buzz and we had some record deal offers but were youg and not focused enough to see things through. The trips to the studio did however drive me to want to learn more about the pruduction side of music i bought a dr.5 boss drum machine and never turned back. I found something i could put my hart into.Currently im working on tracks for some artist and colaborating  with my childhood hommie madbeatz on a few thing. Now im fully focus and trying to get to the top .max potential have been grinding for the past 15 years although primarily more focused on production rather than writing i ll still give you some bars to reflect on the message is still the same family first money is irrelevant knowledge is key time is precious. TO ALL MY FANS AND MY LOST BOYZ FAMILY STUND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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